The ALFA CIS program is aimed at getting players ready for their upcoming season. The program is 14 weeks long and focuses on making players bigger, stronger and faster. All of this is accomplished with the goal of making everything that we do in the gym and on the turf transferable to the field. Players that are going into their first year of CIS NEED to gain the size and speed that moving up a level will require. As for the players that are entering RETURNING FOR THEIR 2ND, 3RD OR 4TH YEARS THEY NEED TO HAVE A GREAT OFF SEASON TO RETURN TO THEIR TEAMS AND ESTABLISH ROLES IN TRAINING CAMP. 

​Each session will be 1.5 hourS long and will consist of both a running and a lifting portion. The Running portion will begin with a focus on the mechanics and change of direction skills. the position or athletic level of the player is irrelevant, as these are valuable skills for every player to have. As the program moves forward the running portion will progress towards competitive drills and more position specific drills. the lifting portion will be challenging but will always be focused on developing proper lifting skills as well as challenging the athletes to reach personal bests. 

All the programs will push the athletes. if they buy in they will get bigger. they will get stronger. they will get faster. it will be a competitive environment but it will also be fun. they will look forward to coming in and training. ​ ​




 dates: MAY 8 - AUG 12 (14 WEEKS)

 times: MON/TUE/wed/thur



 options and costs

  4 days / week: $1080 + gst

  3 days / week: $895 + gst

  2 days / week: $680 + gst

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