devin derouin

1st year db 

UNIVERSITY OF british columbia t birds

"I've worked with Taylor ever since I could remember. His training and motivation has allowed me to surpass any of my goals. Whether it be physical or mental, Taylor has helped guide me to a successful football career and aided me in increasing size, strength and power. Ever since training with Taylor I have consistently seen improvements in my testing number as well as my training and football IQ. His knowledge and compassion for the players and the game of football is incomparable to any other trainer out there. This is shown through the intense sport specific training regiment he has set up as well as how he interacts with you as a person. His strength and conditioning background as well as football background is immense and he has spent countless hours perfecting the program He delivers and building his knowledge of the sport. If you are looking to improve in all aspects of your health and football, I recommend training with Taylor and his specially picked strength and conditioning coaches at The Alfa Project."

2nd year te 

mcgill university

Training with Taylor has improved all aspects of my football career. On the field, his coaching has enhanced my speed and strength and off the field has refined my character as an athlete. With Taylor's help I have been able to gain muscle weight, as well as reach my personal best in the weight room by modifying my lifting form based on his expertise. I believe strongly that this program is essential for any athlete that wants to take their game to the next level. Taylor's staff comes from CFL and CIS creating an experienced group that is there to help an athlete of any level to reach their best.

Working at the ALFA Project last summer elevated my game tremendously. Taylor helps you reach your goals and pushes you to become the best athlete you can be. There is no better way to prepare than football specific training. The ALFA Project gets you to where you want to be in terms of strength, size, speed, and explosiveness. I would personally recommend the ALFA Project to anyone who is looking to improve their game.

logan bandy

cormac scholz

“The majority of an athlete’s confidence comes from their preparation. Since entrusting Taylor with my training I have gone into every season extremely confident, large in part due to the training he has provided me with. I look forward to training with Taylor for the remainder of my career.” 

“Working with Taylor really took my offseason training to the next level. He helped me improve in both my running and lifting. Being so involved with the CIS and CFL Taylor really knows the sport specific drills that raise your level on game day” 

“Taylor has played a major role in helping me develop into the player I am today. He trained me in high school which helped to prepare me for CIS football. His training at the CIS level has helped me to become a better football player by increasing my strength and speed while fine tuning my football skills through sport specific drills.” 

“Training with Taylor developed the strength, speed and athleticism I needed in order to compete at the highest level in the CIS. Through off-season work, Taylor was able to raise my skill level in order to compete on special teams and skill positions during the season. As a former player and current coach, Taylor knows what it takes to compete and win, and his training has allowed myself and many other athletes to achieve success at our highest possible level.” 


rob maver

starting d end u of c dinos

2015 canada west all star

2015 academic all canadian

starting safety u of c dinos

2014 east / west cis all star game

2015 canada west all star

I have done two seasons of the winter program at ALFA. Training with Taylor has significantly improved my performance on and off the field. In the weight room Taylor has helped me break personal best after personal best, gain weight, and learn many new exercises with proper form. On the turf Taylor has helped me transfer my new weight and strength into agility, speed and power. All of which has helped me to play at the next level. One of the best parts of training with Taylor is how personable he is, and that he works with you to make sure you feel ready to perform at a higher level during the next season.

cory robinson

The ALFA project is an essential program for any aspiring or elite athlete. Taylor Altilio, alongside the other experienced and talented trainers, drastically helped improve my athleticism, stamina, strength and speed. The level of expertise involved in ALFA is truly impressive and gave me the opportunity to effectively surpass my offseason training goals. The intense training regime, great training facilities, and positive atmosphere that the ALFA project incorporates into workouts is a successful combination. The ALFA project has made me more confident than ever that I will achieve success playing football at the next-level.

2015 calgary stamoeders team captain​

3 time west dision all star

2 time cfl all star

102 grey cup champion

"I want to start off by saying how fundamental Taylor Altilio has been in my development as an athlete and football player. As a high school player, he helped develop me physically and mentally to play and excel at the next level. After eight months of training throughout high school, he had me prepared to physically compete at the cis level. I can assert that there is no better trainer to improve speed, strength, coordination and athleticism in developing athletes. In addition, Taylor's experience as both an athlete and coach at the cis level give him the background necessary to be the best at what he does: preparing athletes to excel in their sports. Lastly, Taylor is the most personable trainer I have ever worked with and is an outstanding motivator that will get the very best out of every athlete." 

Training with the ALFA project and Taylor is an extremely important tool for any athlete in the pursuit of excellence. All of the coaches at ALFA have the ability to push you and encourage you to achieve personal gains and accomplishments. Personally, I had extreme improvements in regards to my speed and my strength. With all of these new skills and assets, the level at which I could play football increased significantly. Overall, I would highly recommend Taylor and the ALFA project as the program to bring your game to the next level!

1st year lb 

university of calgary dinos
​team canada


jimmy underdahl

mike schmidt

“I have trained with Taylor for many years and throughout my training with him I have significantly increased my running technique, speed, agility, and strength in the weight room. By developing these fundamental skills, it has helped me become a better football player and allowed me to have success at the university level. I am always impressed with my vast improvements while training with Taylor. I highly recommend his programs for athletes looking to improve their overall athleticism” 

"I have worked with a number of trainers and through many training programs over the course of my football career but none of them come close to anything I've done with Taylor. His programs translate onto the field better than anything else I've ever done. He takes the time to listen to your goals and proceeds to develop a program that works towards achieving them. This past offseason I was able to surpass every goal I had set going into the ALFA project. Not only did I become faster, stronger, and more powerful, I was also given the chance to work with strength coaches who have played at the elite levels of Canadian football. The knowledge and wisdom passed down by these coaches is priceless. Taylor truly cares for every player he works with and it's visible every day I've spent in the gym with him. I would recommend the ALFA project to anyone looking to take their game to the next level. "





canada west leader in passing percentage

2017 dinos 

team canada

1st year lb 

university of calgary dinos
​team canada

Single Season All-Time passing record holder

Two-Time Russ Jackson Award winner

Two-Time Hec Creighton winner

Calgary Stampeders 2ND STRING QB

dan teitz

andrew biddell


2016 dinos commit



2014 montana east west shrine game